The wind here is brutal today. On any of my normal rides, it's going to be a strong headwind for at least 5+ miles.

Should I still ride? (Y/y)

Really interesting history behind this tunnel: the Mays Hill Tunnel along the Sandy Creek Rail Trail.

One of the most beautiful trails I've ridden in Pennsylvania: the Sandy Creek Rail Trail west of Clarion.

I'm really happy with how this one came out. This is one of my favorite fall trail pics from last year. Taken along the Greene River Trail in southwest PA, near the town of Crucible

An abandoned roadway along the Greene River Trail in southwest Pennsylvania last fall. Near Crucible PA

A closer look inside the abandoned tunnel. Can you see the concrete plug? That keeps floodwaters from bypassing the nearby dam.

An abandoned tunnel from 1907 along the West Penn Trail. It was bypassed in the 1950s. The tunnel has a two foot concrete plug in the middle to keep floodwaters from bypassing the nearby Conemaugh Dam. Taken standing on an old concrete railroad bridge gets submerged when it floods.

The West Penn Trail is like three trails in one: flat sections like this, rougher off-road terrain, and steep inclines.

Really digging the trend back towards . What should I play with next ... ? ? ?


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