Bike adventures are the best adventures! The bridge on the left regularly gets flooded thanks to the dam nearby. The steps to the right are how you get your bike over the mountain -- which has four unusable tunnels.

An old along the . This bridge was originally much higher. When they built a nearby dam, this valley was flooded. These days you have to check the water level before you go out, because it sometimes gets submerged.

A sealed along the , near Blairsville . It's sealed in the middle because it's near a dam; don't want high water leaking through.

New trail day! Starting off with breakfast in a local dive . $13 for breakfast for two!

The main trail network was well-maintained gravel, but there were dozens of dirt paths cutting through the thick woods. I saw a lot of what looked like art installations in the woods too -- I'll have to go back.

Riding the led me to another trail, which led to another, which led to another ... and the next thing I know, I found a pretty sharp trail network in my own backyard. It's not a rail trail, but it was still fun.

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